MITROVIĆ COMPLETES FULHAM SWITCH Aleksandar Mitrović has completed his permanen…


Aleksandar Mitrović has completed his permanent move to Fulham FC Official. The forward joins Slaviša Jokanović’s side for an undisclosed free, bringing an end to his three-year spell at St. James’ Park.

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24 thoughts on “MITROVIĆ COMPLETES FULHAM SWITCH Aleksandar Mitrović has completed his permanen…

  1. Shambles:
    Merino : £11 mil
    Mbemba: £7 mil
    Selz: £3 mil
    Mitro: £22 mil
    £43 mill…..and we are looking at spunking 16 mil on Rondon!! Gotta be better out there than that! And where’s all the TV money gone?

  2. Rondon will sign now in next few days. As for Mitro no hard feelings really towards him. An averge centre forward with a poor temperment. Probs do ok at Fulham. Good to see the back of him.

  3. Good Luck Mitro you didn’t live up to expectations but at times you showed what you were about. Never forget Preston Away and the adulation you got that day.

  4. So far
    Dubravka in, Sels out
    Schar in, Mbemba out
    Muto in, Mitro out
    Rondon in, Gayle out (probably)
    Ki in, Merino out
    The only addition so far is Kenedy
    Some transfer window, eh?

  5. They got a bargain their. Undisclosed fee obviously means they don’t want to disclose what Fat Mike its going to pocket with the money never to be seen again. £16 million transfer record that’s 12 years old is embarrassing and would get you a very average player these days unless your lucky.

  6. Not one of the best decisions to sell mitro…. Time for a rant …. Ever since Shearer retired, They have struggled to get a half decent centre forward and a team to support him .. We have a good manager but they a going after players we haven’t even heard of.. recognised players is what we need and I’m afraid to say but 20 million plus will probably buy the team what they need . Ashley needs to do some soul searching and sell the club so that the finances can come into the club and hopefully help us to compete with the bigger clubs .. Rant over

  7. Pissed off with all this duck the cockney fat man…never going again whilst he’s there…if we don’t go down this year it will be next year after Rafa goes…what’s the point…

  8. Number 9 shirt at fulham as well best of luck mitro stuck with us even when we went down always looked like he loved playing for the club all the best.

  9. Big mistake! Heart and brave as you like. Ok temperament problems sometimes but if you wanted someone next to you when you were up against it hes the man! They have that whiz kid on the wing i bet mitro gets double figures easily this year.
    I hope you get the money to replace him RAFA. All the best mitro thanks for caring when wearing the shirt!!!

  10. Will be interesting to see how he does in the premier League with Fulham as so many people were quick to judge him when we had him saying he wasn’t premier League material hope he does well gud luck to the lad ah say

  11. Good money 💰 but straight into fat man wallet we now got Gayle Joselu Perez geez Gayle Joselu couldn’t shot a barn door with a machine gun

  12. Gutted to lose Mitro – Didn’t show us what he could do, but Fulham seemed to get the best out of him. Can’t understand Gayle being part of a deal for Rondon, when clearly Joselu should be given the boot. Best of Luck Mitro

  13. He didn’t progress as I thought he would. Looked lazy at times. the way we play we need our forwards to work harder than he does. He doesn’t fit our system. He might fit Fulham’s better. But. We move on.

  14. As a fan of both Newcastle and Fulham glad to see this transfer. Hopefully for Fulham he plays up to his transfer fee and for Newcastle they reinvest these funds for a striker more fitting of Rafa’s play style. Best of luck Mitro

  15. Wish him all the best, I didn’t rate him that highly myself but he clearly loved wearing the black and white shirt. If Rafa is given the whole £22m to spend it’s a great deal. Unfortunately I doubt that will happen

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